Quick action gets quick results

Uttarakhand Water Supply Program (UWSP) is executing a water scheme at Kusumkheda peri-urban area of Nainital district. The construction work is in full swing. The Rawat construction company is executing the work. Due to construction, there was so much material dumping on the site, though these materials side by side again needed to fill up while pipeline line laying. However, on 27 September 2020, digging work was happening on the site, and sand material was on the road, a resident of ward No. – 44 Mr. N. K. Kothari told labors to clear the road as he wanted to get his car from his house. During this discussion, Mr. Kothari abused laborers and even he has beaten labour resulted in a case filed in the local Police station. After knowing the incidence the construction agency's Junior Engineer Ms. Namita Fuleriya quickly informed the DRES CDS Mr. Santoshi Dimari and in response to that CDS has informed the senior officials of Jal Nigam FIU and the Ward Member Mr. Surendra Mohan. On 28 September 2020, a GRC meeting was called at Ward Member's house and been called upon Mr. Kothari, Contractor, and laborers in the presence of GRC members, DRES representatives and Jal Nigam officials. Both the parties were not ready to withdraw their cases. The GRC members told Mr. Kothari that if you had any grievance you must have been reported to the committee rather than taking the issue to the Police even after being guilty of beating a laboure. After long counseling both the party understood the situation and finally withdrawn the Police cases against each other and the issue has been solved. The construction work is again got momentum.  


Moral of the story – Quick action gets quick results. 

By: Santoshi Dimari (CDS – Nainital, U.S.Nagar) 


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