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Success Story - Setting an example leads to Success


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GRC Members Profile at State Level

  Updated GRC Members Profile - Citizen Engagement and Program Implementation Support for Uttarakhand Water Supply Program for Peri-Urban Areas Table No. - 23 1. Bandiya, GRC Members List -   Udham Singh Nagar S. No Name Position Address Phone Number 1 Mr.Yogesh Chandra Upreti J.E UJN 7017111209 2 Mr.Liyakat Ali S/O Lte.Mr.Jahid Ali Sabhasad/Member Bandiya (Kichha) 9927068329 3 Mr.Habib Ahmed S/O Sameer Ahmed Sabhasad/Member Bandiya (Kichha) 9756394796 4 Mr.Rajkumar Kohali S/O Mr.Shanti Swroop Sabhasad/Member Bandiya (Kichha) 9837673257 5 Mr.Rajesh Pratap S/O Lte.Mr.Radhakrishan Social Worker Bandiya (Kichha) 9917166606 6 Mr.Sunil Pandey S/O Mr.Shiv